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Half Buell Half Ironhead Chopper built by the Haifley Bros

Buell Ironhead Chopper Build

Doug and Kelley Haifley of Haifley Bros (they're actual brothers, not just bros)  have built some pretty great motorcycles over the past few years. So when Kelly decided to adopt an abandoned customer build for himself, you can bet shit's about to get real!

The bike you see here is the result of hours of fabricating custom parts and mating uncommon pieces together.  The frame started as a stock  Ironhead Sportster.  Kelly got to work cutting off the rear end and mating up the custom-looped hardtail he built.  The original plan was to run an ironhead motor in an ironhead frame, but when a 1996 Buell S1 motor stumbled into the shop, they figured it would be a worthy upgrade.  After modifying frame mounts and brackets the brothers successfully fit the powerplant into the Ironhead frame.

Doug and Kelly have the knowledge and tools to build just about anything out of metal. So it comes as no surprise that they fabricated from scratch just about every piece of metal on this build, excluding the motor, wheels and front end.

The sporty features a handmade narrow sportster gas tank and thick aluminum fender both built by Kelly.  Additionally, the scalloped oil tank and stainless fender support are a product of their hands.

So many neat touches are on this bike that it's hard to take them all in.  The rear brake caliper bracket includes a custom mount for the license plate that recesses it extremely close to the wheel.  The brothers even took the time to use the lathe and remove all the embossed writing on the heads of the stainless hardware.

Up front the brothers enlisted their friend Andre, who is an expert machinist, to help bring their super narrow riser/clamp combo to life.  The finished product clamps a custom set of narrow bars and keeps the skinny profile of the bike intact.

The paint work was completed by Doug while Kelly knocked out the seat.  A few bolt-on accessories were sourced including the cool Speed Merchant finned derby cover and some Biltwell grips.

All said and done, the brothers showed off their skills and built one kick ass chopper.  The Haifley Bros are truly a do-all one-stop chopper shop!

Half Buell Half Ironhead Custom Motorcycle Build Specifications

  • Owner: Haifley Bros (
  • Fabrication: Haifley Bros
  • Motor: 1996 Sportster S1
  •  Frame: Haifley Bros Hardtail on Ironhead front loop
  • Front End: Ironhead sportster
  • Gas Tank: Custom - Haifley Bros
  • Oil Tank: Custom - Haifley Bros
  •  Fender: Custom aluminum - Haifley Bros
  • Wheel set up: 16" - Dunlop / 19” - Dunlop
  • Bars: Custom - Haifley Bros
  • Exhaust: Stainless Steel - Haifley Bros
  • Seat: Haifley Bros
  • Paint: Doug Haifley

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