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1979 Shovelhead Hardtail chopper by Ryan Zahacy

1979 Shovelhead Superglide Hardtail chopper with Throttle Addiction Shovelhead Hardtail

Ryan Zahacy resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He built this 1979 Superglide Chopper out of his garage during the evenings and weekends, only taking him 10 months. This is only the second chopper he has ever built. Ryan said  it was the first “real” chopper build for him. Ryan designed and engineered everything by himself, and did an amazing job! 

We asked Ryan his feelings about the Throttle Addiction Hardtail and he has this to say, "The craftsmanship on the hard tail was perfect in my opinion. It captures the aesthetics of a stock frame perfectly. The instructions were bang on amd very simple to follow. I installed and welded without the use of a jig and it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. All the cast parts were flawless; and the tubing was just as nice. I’m confident any home bike builder can install this if they take their time. I will definitely be purchasing another one in the future!

Builder Name: Ryan Zahacy 

Year / Model bike: 79’ Superglide 

Build Time: 10 months 

Wheel set up: 21” off the shelf spool up front, 19” sportster hoop I laced to a stock hub out back with Buchanan’s spokes. 

Gas Tank: Wassell tank, with stock petcock locations welded up and moved. 

Bars: 10” riserless pullbacks and coined the “granola bars”

Front end / extended forks: Stock fxr 39mm front end with +6” tubes, and lots of welding machining. 

Tires: 21” speed master, 19” Avon mkii rear. 

Painter: Paint and body work was done by my friend Dillon Turcotte

Seat: Handmade pan, shaped foam, Tyler from Blue Collar Textiles did the upholstery. 

We asked Ryan for tips for first timers and got a great response, "The single best piece of advice that applies to anything in life… piss poor planning promotes piss poor performance. Take your time, measure 10 times and cut once. Leave yourself room for fitment or adjustment, and weld all joints equally."

Be sure to check out more of Ryan's work on instagram: @twicemfg 

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How to Hardtail a Shovelhead or Panhead Frame



Following along with the photos in the PDF Shovelhead Hardtail instruction guide shown above, begin by noticing all precuts made on the original swingarm frame. Always cut long first and trim...

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