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Installing a Springer Front End On Your Chopper

Installing a Springer Front End On Your Chopper

Springer front ends have been an iconic front suspension used by Harley-Davidson for ages, dating all the way back to 1930. The classic old school look has been a choice for chopper builders and customizers to this day. Choosing the correct spring fork for you project is task number one.

Our personal favorite springer front end is the vintage styled springer front end. This is an extremely close replica to the Knucklehead springers of yesteryear. Manufactured by Mid USA, the vintage springer is styled with the iconic Harley cast style springer perch and triple trees. 

At Throttle Addiction we fit the vintage springer up to one of our recent chopper builds. The evolution big twin chopper is sporting a Paughco frame with 30 degrees of rake.  We are running a 21" wheel up front and a 16" wheel out back, so we chose the 22" length springer.  

Additionally, we chose to run our own riser-less Throttle Addiction 11" T Bars. They give you a tight aggressive riding stance. A slight 2” pullback slightly relaxes the wrists for a more comfortable grip. At 26” wide, you'll have ample control without the "I'm about to hug a sumo wrestler" riding position that comes with wider bars.

Below is a breakdown of the parts used on this project along with links directing you to their respected page. The best part about it is you can get EVERYTHING you need right here at Throttle Addiction in one easy grab & go. Direct links to the parts on our website are listed below.

Vintage Harley Springer Front End - Black

11" T-Bars - Black

Top Clamp Handle Bar Adapter

21" x 2.15" Harley Black Spoke Wheel - FXST / FXDWG 1984-1999

Shinko - 21 x 3.00 270 Classic Motorcycle Tire

Rim Strip for 20" - 21" Motorcycle Wheels

275/300 - 21" Motorcycle Tube Center Valve Stem


The lengths and measuring points on each springer is located on the individual product pages, and it's very important to measure properly and accurately before you break out your wallet and pull the trigger.

Everyone is excited to get their hands on such an important part of you bike build, but don't put the cart before the horse and end up with the wrong length. We suggest you have your wheels AND tires on hand, before purchasing your front end. Install your rear wheel, (with the tire mounted) then block up the bottom of your frame so its sits level or is raked to your liking. Then, we like to use a broom handle or piece of pipe to stick through the neck. Next, put your front wheel (with tire mounted) out where it intersects and take that measurement from the bottom of the neck to the center of your axle.

This will give you the most accurate measurement for your springer.

Its very important to remember that springer are measured in an uncompressed state, and once you put the weight of your bike on them, the springers will compress and drop down. So if you're in between, or even directly on a size, we suggest going up to the next increment.

Insert picture of side with bike on stand, lines showing level bottom frame, then showing line down from the neck to the center axle.

The lower cost option has similar styling to many front ends on the market. The fact remains that the majority of these offered under different brand names are actually the same exact front end, produced in the same factory overseas. They are a solid, lower cost option that features machines front let yokes sporting a square look. At Throttle Addiction, we carry the Mid USA branded springers. Their entry springer offers 1" front legs and a machined spring perch. The rear legs are a single piece that extends through the lower triple tree. This set up is available in lengths from 6" Under to 10" over stock and comes in chrome or black finish. It features a 1" stem which will bolt up most Harley Big Twin or Sportster frames. It includes the 3/4" axle and the top clamp. You can view this product below. 

For more springer action, check out another shop steed: the 47' Knucklehead Chopper. You can check it out HERE under our Feature Bikes.

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