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Custom Engraved Harley Davidson Derby Covers and Points Covers

Custom Engraved Harley Davidson Derby Covers and Points Covers

We finally got our hands on a brand new laser engraver. Why, you ask? Because creating cool, custom shit is what we do. And what better way to do that than with an eye blinding, flesh melting beam of concentrated light?

The most popular products we carry for custom laser engraving are our derby covers and points/timing covers for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You can send us your own artwork, and we’ll etch your design into the derby cover of your choice. Or choose from a huge selection of designs for custom derby covers that we created here at our headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

"How do I get my hands on one of these? What do I need to do to get started?" 

Great question Kyle! Check out the slick infographic below, followed by a little more in-depth explanation.

1.) First things first, you'll need to pull up our website and search for Customizable Derby Cover.

At this point you'll be asked to select the model/year of your motorcycle.

2.) After your order is processed, we will contact you at the email you provide. This email will have detailed instructions and guidelines pertaining to the artwork. We can make most any art "workable" for this process. Black and white images will work best.

3.) Once your artwork is received, we will get started on creating a virtual mockup for your approval. Now, here at Throttle Addiction we believe in treating each customer like our best customer. Your artwork won't end up on some endless pile of requests that we'll "eventually" get to. Instead, you'll get your virtual proof emailed to you typically within ONE business day! 

4.) At this point you will have the option to make changes to the design if you wish. Once you're happy with the artwork, send us an "approved" response and we'll get that bad boy into production. 

5.) This is where the MAGIC happens! After we input your artwork into the engraving software, the laser gets busy doing what it does best... permanently branding your derby cover with a mirror-bouncing beam of light, burning at the temperature of a thousand suns! 

6.) Lastly, we'll package up that beautiful masterpiece with love and care, shipping it directly to your front door! 

It seems like every day we find another new and exciting reason to fire up our laser. The applications are endless and we'll continue to introduce fresh new products to our website as they become available. Click on any of the links you see below to be redirected to the product page for more information and pricing.

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*Laser Engraved Derby Covers

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*Laser Engraved Drink Tumblers

*Laser Engraved Flasks

*Laser Etched Leather Patch Hats

*Laser Etched Leather Patches & Keychains


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