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Introducing Throttle Addiction's 11-inch T-Bars for Harley Davidson Triple Trees

Introducing Throttle Addiction's 11-inch T-Bars for Harley Davidson Triple Trees

T-Bars seem to be perfect for the rider who lives for a tight, aggressive riding stance. Sometimes attitude demands a little altitude, but it doesn't have to come at great cost: a slight 2” pullback slightly relaxes the wrists for a more comfortable grip. Plus at 26” wide, you'll have ample control without the "I'm about to hug a sumo wrestler" riding position that comes with wider bars. These T-bars are a great option for your Harley Sportster or club style Dyna, available in chrome or black, dimpled or not.  

While other options on the market are double or even triple the cost, Throttle Addiction prides its self on providing top notch quality without over-the-top prices.  How do we do it?  We manufacture our bars in the same overseas facilities as some very well known names in the industry, including a few OEM manufacturers.  But we design them ourselves, import them direct to our warehouse and sell direct to the customer.  Cutting out distributors or "middle men" allows us to sell to you at the lowest price possible while still allowing us to make a living.  Check the details below.


  • 1” O.D. X .120” wall seamless 4130 chromoly tubing
  • Fully T.I.G. welded over precise mitered joints
  • ½” X 13 T.P.I threaded bungs
  • Chrome Plated
  • 3.5” on center mounting for standard Harley Davison triple trees (may fit others)
  • Available in non-dimpled or dimpled for late model controls.


  • 26” wide
  • 2” pull back
  • 11" tall measured from bottom of bung to top of handlebar.
  • Can be narrowed to approximately 20” and still fit grips
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