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883 to 1200 and 1200-1250 Conversion Kits for Your Sportster

883 to 1200 and 1200-1250 Conversion Kits for Your Sportster

883 to 1200. 1200 to 1250. Adding more grunt to your Harley Sportster 883 has never been easier thanks to the wide array of displacement upgrades by S&S. Throttle Addiction carries kits that can increase the horsepower of your stock 883 by amazing amounts without machining, re-balancing flywheels or cylinder head modifications. Without even taking the motor out of the frame you could add so much horsepower it will feel like a different bike altogether. Think about that for a second. You might have your bike dialed-in as good as it gets everywhere else but you sweat bullets when it's time to pull out in front of traffic or pass a line of semi's. These "bolt-on" kits from S&S don't need the quotes- they are truly BOLT ON and in no time you will be confident enough to do anything on your beloved ride. Not to mention have one hell of a good time doing it. Check out this S&S promo video hyping up the Hooligan Kit:

Let's start out with the 883-1200 conversion kit, covering Harley Sportster years 1986-2017 and comes in either a black or silver finish. You get new cylinders, pistons, rings, gaskets (head, base and exhaust) and even the engine assemble lube. Bolt-on big bore kits mean easy installation with no machining and no rebalancing and you get away with using your stock heads, pushrods and fuel system. The silver is a powder coat finish while the black is a wrinkle finish.



If you have a 2000-2017 Sportster, kick it up a notch with the S&S Hooligan Kit. This kit adds the premium cams and tappets to handle true Hooligan attitude. You still don't have to pull the motor, it's all bolt on. The silver is a powder coat finish while the black is a wrinkle finish.

Okay, so you already HAVE a 1986-2017 1200 Sportster, fear not, we can get you started on your own power trip. S&S has mastered the art of making horsepower easy by starting out with the 1250 Big Bore Kit. This kit converts 1200cc HD Sportster models to 1250cc displacement, available in black or silver. No machining or rebalancing is required. Forged pistons have larger than stock valve pockets and accept up to 2.00" valves. Kit contains forged flat topped 3 9/16" bore pistons with coated piston skirts, S&S 3-9/16" bore cylinders, MLS head gaskets, base gaskets, exhaust gaskets, assembly lube, and instructions. Yep, that's everything you need. The silver is a powder coat finish and the black is a wrinkle finish.




Now for the 1250 Hooligan Kits- this kit punches stock 1200's right in the face. Again covering Sportster years 1986-2017, and coming in a black or silver finish, this one-ups the Big Bore Kit by providing premium cams and tappets to take all the horsepower in stride. Racing or not, this kit offers serious power without ever having to pull the motor. Zero machining or rebalancing necessary, simply bolt these parts in and let 'er rip. The numerous Dyno tests on these Hooligan kits speak for themselves- this is a serious increase in performance that changes the heart and soul of your ride, if not yourself. The silver is a powder coat finish and the black is a wrinkle finish.


Bottom line: if you're wanting more power out of your Sportster pick out one of these kits right now and get to it. In all the research we have done before carrying these kits at Throttle Addiction, we've never encountered anyone who complained that their Sporty now had TOO MUCH horsepower after installing one. Sure this is a lot of info to process, but give us a call if you have any questions on which kit would be best for you. Shoot, it probably took longer to pick a set of handlebars.

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