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Axed Chopper Gas Tank - Single Cap

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The classic axed chopper tank is also referred to as a wasp or alien gas tank. It gets its name from the process through which its built: a set of split fat bob tanks are "axed" or cut up and then welded together to create one tank. We did all this work for you. 

3/8" NPT and 1/4" NPT petcock bung
Universal mounting tabs
2.2 gallon capacity
Requires cam style gas cap

15.5" long x 9" wide
18" end-of-tab to end-of-tab
Tunnel: 2.5" wide x 3.5" deep (at the lowest point)

Tanks are pressure tested at the factory, but it is best to test again before you paint it. Be sure fit of tank, mounting hardware, petcocks and gas caps are true prior to painting. No stress is applied to the tabs when bolting them to the frame, this can lead to cracking of welds. If needed, use leather or rubber washes to shim between the tabs and the backbone to ensure an even fit. Do not sand seams or welded edges of gas tanks, if needed use a thin spread of body filler prior to painting. Throttle Addiction warranties gas tank defects however we do not cover paint work. Ensure your tank arrived damage free BEFORE you paint!

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