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Duffy Metalworks built 1997 Sportster Chopper

1997 Sportster chopper by Duffy Metalworks using a throttle addiction sportster hardtail

Paul Duffy Resides in Pine Beach, New Jersey.  Pauls Makes his living as a Navy Welder on base, but started Duffy Metal Works to pump out some side work, which includes this properly proportioned Sportster.  Paul picked up this 1997 Sportster with the intent of hardtailing it.  Like many builders, he recognized that the Sportster is the perfect model for a chopper project.  After making the transition from BMX bikes, to Import motorcycles, Paul now spends his time tinkering with Harleys. The finished result is another prime example of what you can build using the Throttle Addiciton Sportser Hardtail kit.

Reviewing the Throttle Addiction Evolution Sportster Hardtail

We asked Paul his feelings about the Throttle Addiction Hardtail and he has this to say,“Best looking Hardtail out there, love the bottom chainstays that bend in to meet the stock lower tubes. I have recommended at least 5 already to other builders. Have installed a few for customers as well.”

Builder Name: Paul Duffy

Builder Location: Pine Beach, New Jersey

Year / Model bike: 1997 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Build Time: 1 Year

Wheel Set Up: 21" spool front wheel, 18" rear wheel

Gas Tank: Mid Tunnel Wassell 1.8

Bars: Zombie Performance 8" Riserless Mini Apes

Front End: Mullins Chain Drive Super Narrow Triple Trees, Stock Showa 39mm Lowers, Shaved and Sanded. 6" over tubes.

Tires: Avon Speedmaster MKII Front, Shinko 270 Super Classic Rear

Painter: Gary Hipple Cyclepathic Designs 

Seat: B&C Cycles Custom King/Queen

Replacing a Sportster neck gusset with a cross tube

Paul also took the time to go all in on the front end of the stock Sportster frame.  He started by removing the factory sheet metal neck gusset.  Once this is out it reveals some clean frame tubes. However, the work has just begun because it requires extra reinforcement, installing a cross tube, installing smaller front gussets, as well as replacing the stock frame top motor mount with a custom tab.  The work is worth it though, as it provides a killer looking custom frame, all while keeping your stock VIN.

Be sure to check out more of Pauls work on instagram @duffymetalworks

How to hardtail a Evolution Sportster



Hardtailing your Harley-Davidson Sportster is a great way to build an affordable chopper with thousands of aftermarket parts available for endless customization...

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