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1982-2003 Sportster Hardtail Installation Instructions

1982-2003 Throttle Addiction Sportster Hardtail kit installation video guide

We installed a Throttle Addiction Deluxe Sportster Hardtail Kit in 12 hours! We want to show how simple chopping a Sportster really can be. Want to dive deeper into chopping a Sportster? Check out this article we wrote breaking down everything you need to know.

How to install your stock brake caliper on a throttle addiction deluxe sportster hardtail kit

Seth goes step-by-step through installing stock Sportster brake calipers on the Throttle Addiction Sportster hardtail. The Throttle Addiction Deluxe Sportster hardtail kit is compatible with stock rear brake calipers from 1982-2003 Sportsters. If you don't have a stock caliper from these years or want a more custom look, we have created a bracket that allows you to run a Mid USA 2 or 4 piston caliper on our hardtail kit. If you are purchasing the deluxe hardtail kit from us the brake brackets are included with the kit.

How to install a Sportster Hardtail Kit on a 1982-2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Installing the kit is as simple as it gets. Here's how you do it in 5 steps:

1. Disassemble a Sportster. 

2. Cut the frame where the instructions (above) tell you to cut it. Or, take it to any machine shop and have them do it. 

3. Weld the hardtail section to what's left of the frame. Or have that machine shop or a buddy do it for you.

4. Spray paint the frame black and put it back together with an extended belt since you stretched the frame 2 inches. 

5. Put everything else back on and take a ride on your chopper.

Obviously you can let your imagination run wild and change a million different things along the way, but that’s really all it boils down to. For detailed measurements showing where to cut the frame, see the PDF instructions above.

Why the Throttle Addiction Sportster hardtail is the best hardtail on the market for 1982-2003 Harley-Davidson Sportsters

Transform your stock swing arm Sportster into a hardtail chopper with our Throttle Addiction Deluxe Evolution Sportster Hardtail Kit. Crafted for 1982-2003 Harley-Davidson Sportsters, this kit is the key to a minimal-time rigid transformation.

Constructed from robust 1-1/4" .120 wall steel tubing, our hardtail kit is 100% TIG welded for unmatched durability. The package includes everything you need for the complete transformation, featuring easy-to-follow instructions suitable for most enthusiasts (although professional welding is recommended).

Benefits of hardtailing your Sportster include retaining the stock VIN, avoiding challenging inspections, and sidestepping insurance issues associated with assigned identification numbers or "Special Construction" designations. Plus, our kit is proudly made in the U.S.A., ensuring quality and craftsmanship.


  • Fits 1982-2003 Sportster Models
  • 2" stretch for enhanced aesthetics
  • Machined rear motor mounts for precision
  • 100% T.I.G. welded for superior strength
  • 3/8" thick axle plates with adjusters for customization
  • 1 - 1/4” .120 wall steel tubing ensuring durability
  • Rear brake mounts included for 1982-2003 OEM rear calipers (slight modification for 82-86 and 87-99 caliper brackets)


  • Hardtail with fender tabs, battery mount, oil tank mounts, and brake mount installed
  • Sissy bar for added style and support
  • Oil tank with internal battery mount designed for antigravity 12 cell battery
  • Battery hold down bracket and hardware for use with 12 cell antigravity batteries
  • 5" wide flat fender for a classic look
  • Axle adjusting hardware for easy customization

Upgrade your riding experience with the Throttle Addiction Deluxe Evolution Sportster Hardtail Kit – a blend of style, strength, and easy installation. Ride the roads on a true rigid frame, proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

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