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Wassell Style Fenders

Wassell Style Fenders

Wassell is famous for its British motorcycle parts. Starting in the 1940's, Wassell created much needed replacement parts for British bikes when the manufacturers couldn't come through. As is usually the case, creative bike builders got a hold of Wassell catalogs and went to their shops and garages to devise the coolest rides around. During the 60's and 70's, Americans got their hands on Wassell fenders and tanks and added them to their arsenals of parts; creating new chopper designs that have endured to modern times. We think of these tins when dreaming up the next build as the Wassell styling has become a fixture of period correct chopper building.

The ribbed look is pure Wassell, with a multi-contoured duck billed tip, skinny appearance and rolled edge. We are proud to carry many options when it comes to fenders- we understand that purchasing the right fender saves so much time as opposed to fabricating your own. Using thicker gauge steel makes for a solid piece when it comes to durability as well as customization options. Once you've decided what size wheel and tire you are going to run the next step is to choose the style and size of motorcycle fender. 

Our standard Wassell Style ribbed fenders are made with 12 gauge, one piece stamped steel in various widths: 

We also have the Chrome model in 5" width to save time if a chrome Wassell fender is what you are looking for. Same goes with the Premium Wassell- it doesn't need any sanding or bodywork, simply prep it for paint and off it goes.  The premium wassell fender is made of 14 gauge steel, slightly thinner than the 12 gauge standard fenders.  due to the thinner material a smoother finish is achieved during the fabrication process.  both are great, but the 12 gauge version will take a little extra work to prep before it's paint ready.

This 5” Rolled Edge fender is a close reproduction to the original Wassell ribbed fenders of years past. It features two fully finished ends, giving the added bonus of getting two fenders from one if you choose to chop it short. The sides are 100% edge rolled so the entire fender has a very nice completed finish. Like the originals it emulates, It is constructed from 20 gauge material which is on the lighter side so be sure to pair this with fender struts for additional strength. 

So there you have it, Wassell fenders are truly a nod to classic style with a heck of a lot of possibilities. Choosing how to mount your fender is up to you as well- whether you intend to carry a passenger or not, have a swingarm or a hard tail, the possibilities are endless but you're sure to have one stylin' ride should you choose to us a Wassell ribbed fender.

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