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Universal Cycle

21" X 2.15" Star Hub Style Front Spool Wheel - Black

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 21" X  2.15" Star Hub Style Front Spool Wheel  in black.  This modern version is a spool wheel where the hub looks just like the classic star hub, without all those needle bearings and shims involved.  throw it on and rip, but remember its a spool hub, so there are no provisions to mount a brake rotor!

  • Great choice for any of our custom springers
  • Can be used on any front end that will accept the 4.125 flange spacing and 3/4" axle.
  • These wheels have no brake rotor flanges. you cannot use this with a brake!
  • Custom wheel spacers must be used, depending on your application.
  • Equipped with 3/4" sealed bearings.
  • Drop center rim.
  • Black Hub & Rim - Chrome Spokes
  • 21" X 2.15"





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