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Prism Chopper Gas Tank

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This classic Prism style chopper gas tank is the perfect fit for a long raked out vintage motorcycle.  It features a multi angle design and shallow tunnel leaving most of the motor exposed.  The front of the tank has a single D tab for mounting, while the rear has two tabs which wrap the frame and allow a horizontal bolt to be placed through the backbone of the frame.  


  • Single 1/4" NPT petcock bung on left side of tank
  • Single front tab and a rear U-bracket


  • 2.2 gallon capacity
  • 21"" long x 11.5"" wide x 7"" tall
  • 14" long tab to tab
  • 1.25" deep tunnel
  • Uses late model screw in style gas cap

Tanks are pressure tested at the factory, but it is best to test again before you paint it.  Be sure fit of tank, mounting hardware, petcocks and gas caps are true prior to painting.  No stress is applied to the tabs when bolting them to the frame, this can lead to cracking of welds.  If needed, use leather or rubber washes to shim between the tabs and the backbone to ensure an even fit.  Do not sand seams or welded edges of gas tanks, if needed use a thin spread of body filler prior to painting.  Throttle Addiction warranties gas tank defects however we do not cover paint work.  Ensure your tank arrived damage free BEFORE you paint! 



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