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What electrical components does Throttle Addiction sell?

Throttle Addiction's website sells various motorcycle electrical components, including stators, regulators, ignition coils, spark plugs, and wiring harnesses. These components work together to power the motorcycle's electrical system, providing electricity to the battery, lights, and other accessories. The stator generates electricity when the engine is running, which is then regulated by the voltage regulator to ensure that the battery is charged properly. The ignition coil creates the high voltage needed to spark the spark plug, which ignites the fuel in the engine. The wiring harness connects all these components together and provides power to the various electrical systems on the motorcycle.

Does Throttle Addiction sell a wiring harness for Sportster choppers?

Throttle Addiction offers a sportster wiring harness that is designed to simplify the electrical system on Harley-Davidson Sportster models. It features a plug-and-play design and includes all the necessary connections for lights, ignition, and charging systems, making it easy to install and customize.

What kinds of vintage cloth wire does Throttle Addiction sell?

Throttle Addiction sells vintage cloth wire for custom motorcycle builds. The wire is made from high-quality materials and features a cloth covering that provides a classic, vintage look. It is available in a range of colors and gauges, making it easy to match the wire to the style and needs of the motorcycle build.

What motorcycle batteries does Throttle Addiction sell?

Throttle Addiction sells Antigravity motorcycle batteries, which are known for their lightweight and high-performance design. These lithium-ion batteries feature built-in jump-starting capabilities and are available in a range of sizes and capacities to fit different motorcycles. They are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, with a compact and sleek design.

What battery can i use on a Harley-Davidson Sportster?

Harley Davidson Sportster models can typically use either lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries, depending on the specific model and year. The battery should be chosen based on the motorcycle's electrical system requirements and the rider's needs. Throttle Addiction offers a variety of high-quality motorcycle batteries from trusted brands that are compatible with Harley Davidson Sportster models.

What size battery can I use on a Harley-Davidson Sportster?

For Harley Davidson Sportster models produced between 1979-2003, the most common battery size is Group 48, also known as the YTX14. This is a 12-volt, 12-amp-hour battery, with a 200 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) rating. It is recommended to refer to the motorcycle's owner's manual or consult with a trusted mechanic to determine the appropriate battery size and type for your particular Harley Davidson Sportster model. Throttle Addiction offers a range of batteries from trusted brands that are compatible with these model years.