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Mid Tunnel Wassell Style Tank

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    The mid-tunnel Wassell is the happy medium between our Frisco Wassell and our Deep Tunnel Wassell.  It’s like the Goldilocks of gas tanks:  not to high, not to deep, it sits just right.   These also feature our widest tunnel width so they will fit rubber mounted sportster frames years 2004-2006.  Gas cap sold separately.


    • Mid depth tunnel
    • Undrilled mounting tabs
    • Bungs for two 1/4" NPT petcocks


    • 2.1 gal capacity
    • 14.5" long x 9" wide x 7.5" tall
    • 17" tab to tab
    • 3.5" deep tunnel
    • 2.375" wide tunnel

    These are pressure tested at production but we suggest you test yourself before you get the pretty stuff sprayed on.

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    1. Chopper tank

      Neat tank fit well on the large top tube of a rubber mout sportster on 21st Apr 2017

    2. Killer bang for your buck

      This is a pretty good tank, it is nice to see more support for the Rubbermount Sportsters since the frame is beefier and shaped differently. It was a also a nice suprise to noticeably tell the difference in weight from the stock tank to this one. The welds aren't the cleanest but the metal work on making this tank smooth is pretty killer and saves loads of time with body work. on 18th Nov 2016

    3. Nice tank...

      Clean welds... pressure tested, no leaks... fat tunnel for hiding electrical... no cap included anymore, who cares... nice tank!

      Dual outs is a sweet option on a mid-tunnel / hopped up front end (suck on that second half!)... pretty sure this is a 1.8 gallon tank though, was a little bummed it didn't fill a gallon container twice (duals make up for it).

      This is the only version that has strictly dual outs (like an original), no ugly center bung messing up yer pretty side... the kicked out duals bungs are a bit different, but make it much easier to wrap your fuel lines back around and not drag on the rear head.

      Overall this is the best new wassel option out there, worth the extra $$!
      on 28th Mar 2016

    4. Great for holding fuel!

      I got this tank. My hairline stopped receding. I lost fourteen pounds, and had to make a special stick for beating women off my body. My carb seemed to tune itself, and I think it actually added a few horsepower, by the feel of things.

      Seriously, it's a nice tank. The dual outs is a nice feature. The cap is a cheap-o bayonet style, but this is a cap that comes with a tank for $159 - I mean, really, how much can you ask for?

      I would buy this thing again in a heartbeat.
      on 5th Jul 2013

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    • Wassell gas tank
      get 'em at $159.00 ea Wassell gas tank

    get 'em at $159.00 ea
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