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Video Series: How To Hardtail A Sportster - Throttle Addiction Deluxe Sportster Hardtail Kit

Video Series: How To Hardtail A Sportster - Throttle Addiction Deluxe Sportster Hardtail Kit

Posted by Zach Boxx on 1st Oct 2021

We FINALLY filmed our in-depth series on fitting up our deluxe hardtail kit. We went quick and dirty and reused whatever we possibly could from the stock bike to show you guys that you can build a chopper in no time! We went from complete stock bike to running chopper in 12 hours with 2 guys and multiple filming takes! The goal here was to not worry so much about esthetics, but get the bike torn down, hardtailed and put back together so it can run in very short order.  This was done to emulate a guy who has a sportster, wants to hardtail it, but doesnt want to be without a running bike for months.  If you use this method you can get your sportster back on the road, then tackle all the smaller cosmetic things like gas tanks, finishes, final wiring etc, as time allows. Seth and I were pretty sure we could get it done in one day and I’m happy to say "Mission Accomplished" Watch the 4 video segments on YouTube to see exactly how we did it, and more importantly, that you can do it too!

Throttle Addiction manufactures the most complete sportster hardtail chopper kit on the market.  out kits include our 100% TIG welded Hardtail frame, a sissy bar, the oil tank, fender, select mounting hardware, brake stay, and optional seat.  This instruction sportster hardtail video series has a wealth of knowledge to help you hardtail your sportster in the fastest possible manner.  

How to Hardtail a Sportster Video 1: Initial Dissasembly

In this How To video, Seth and I took a bone stock 2001 Harley Sportster, ripped it apart, welded on the Throttle Addiction Deluxe Sportster Hardtail kit. Then, put it all back together as a running hardtail chopper in 12 hours. This video shows you how to can tear down your sportster, install the deluxe hardtail kit, then get it back up and running in minimal time, then come back later and clean it up cosmetically as time permits. This in depth video series details all the little tips and tricks needed for you to do this in your garage. In Part 1 of 4, the guys go through tear down of your bike, what to keep and what to toss. Watch this video series to save you time and energy with your custom sporty hardtail project.

How to Hardtail a Sportster Video 2 : Disassembly and Electrical

In this second video Seth and I continue tear down on the 2001 Harley Sportster as to prep to cut the frame and install the Throttle Addiction Deluxe Hardtail kit. This video and the others have many details on all essential parts to keep, reuse, or discard during your hardtail chopper build. In the later half of this video, Seth gives an extremely in depth description of the wiring harness. By the end the boys have the Sportster 1200 torn down to a bare frame ready to cut up and install the weld on sportster hardtail.

How to Hardtail a Sportster Video 3 : Chopping the Frame

In this third video we finally get to the good stuff, Cutting the Sportster frame in half and welding on our Deluxe Sportster Hardtail section. I'll go through the proper measurements for making the cuts, using the Sportster motor to align the hardtail section, and welding it back up.   

How To Hardtail A Sportster Video 4 : Final Assembly

The guys finish up this instructional series with final assembly and complete their chopper build in 12 hours! After they installed the Sportster Hardtail Kit, they install the Harley Davidson Evolution Sportster motor, put the narrow glide front end back on, re-install the sportster wiring harness, install the sportster oil lines and fire this 2001 Sportster 1200 Chopper back to life!