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Shovelhead Hardtail Sweepstakes

Shovelhead Hardtail Sweepstakes

1st Apr 2020


Here are you numbers people! We will draw live on Instagram at 1:00pm today

1Corey McDonald41Chris Baun81Greg Davidson
2Zale Vaughn42Chris Baun82Greg Davidson
3Barry Oathout43Gaylond Condict83Greg Davidson
4Ronnie Herndon44Jason Jensen
5Ryan Martin45Pablo Cleveland
6Son Mai46Bryce San Juan
7Scott Barber47Pete Scrocca
8Vince Nygra48DVG C/O Joe Davenport
9david morgan49David Schaffran
10matt metz50Chris Peckman
11Jordan Rouse51jeff Repsumer
12Brandon Molthen52Geoff Gentry
13Chip Britton53Eric Harris
14Doug Hatch54Michael Nelson
15Christopher Chapman55Allen Fazzone
16Keith Zwierlein56Dustin Wilcox
17Mathew Heldt57Rhett Spatafore
18Mathew Heldt58Rhett Spatafore
19Stephen Watson59Elliott Wagner
20RICK Hoxworth60Ed Irwin
21scott ellwyn61Paul Epser
22Mike Jones62Andy Carter
23William Hilyer63Chris Peckman
24William Hilyer64Jordan Rouse
25Jesse Donaldson65Vincent Giammarva
26Brian Nichols66Chris Baun
27Drew Rollins67Dan McGinley
28Drew Rollins68Ken Ladd
29Jared Wood69jack marshall
30Jared Wood70derek fitzurka
31Gary Childers71michael odonovan
32Jeff Nesbit72Jason Henry
33Jeff Nesbit73Devin Saavedra
34Robert Hall74Eric Scatena
35JT Kimbrel75Jerry Barbee
36Rob Hubbard76Brian Gledhill
37Rob Hubbard77Kent HEINTZ
38Rob Hubbard78John Rushlow
39Pete Hilton79Tex Putman

Throttle Addiction is giving away one of our new Shovelhead Hardtails.  We recently purchased the motorcycle parts manufacturing line from the Haifley Brothers.  Throttle Addiction is now producing these quality products in our facility in Eau Claire Wisconsin.  To get the word out about our new release, We are giving away a shovelhead weld on hardtail to one lucky winner.  

To Enter, simply purchase one of our Throttle Addiction Motor Series T-Shirts.

1 Shirt Purchase = 1 entry  /   5 Shirt Purchases = 5 entries.  

We will conduct the drawing Live on our Instagram account @throttle_addiction on Wednesday April 1st at noon CST.

Qualifying Sweepstakes Shirts. Click the picture for link

Shovelhead T shirt.    Panhead T shirt.    Knucklehead T shirt.                  

Full rules and participation.

To enter purchase a T-shirt purchase of the following SKUs will result in 1 entry into the sweepstakes.

Shovelhead Motor T-shirt SKUs: 5825, 5826, 5827, 5828, 5829 Panhead Motor T-shirt SKUs: 5815, 5815, 5817, 5819, 5820 Knucklehead Motor T-shirt SKUs:5820, 5821, 5822, 5823, 5824

Any other purchase of T-shirts, or parts not specifically listed above will not receive an entry to the shovelhead hardtail sweepstakes.  Items may go out of stock during this sweepstakes,  Throttle Addiction will not offer back orders or rain checks to gain entry.  An entry will only be given for valid purchase of in stock merchandise on the SKUs listed above.  

Throttle Addiction will cover shipping of the hardtail to a valid USA address in the lower 48 states.  Alaskan and Hawaiian residents will be required to pay shipping should they win the prize.  Applicants from any country are welcome, however shipping of the prize will be their financial responsibility.  

No Purchase is Necessary to enter.  To enter the sweepstakes without purchase of a t-shirt, applicants must apply in person at the Throttle Addiction warehouse located at 2318 Ridge Rd. Eau Claire, WI 54701 on March 31st 2020 between the hours of 3:00pm and 4:00pm.  Applicants must bring with them type document stating their entry on a 11x17 piece of legal paper.  The document must state their full name, address, social security number, phone number, height and weight.  

Entries will close March 31th 2020.   All entries will be assigned a number, the list will be posted online on this webpage the morning of April 1st.  If you do not see your name on the list you must contact us immediately. on 4/1/20 we will use a random number generator, from to choose a number, the name associated with that number will win the shovelhead hardtail. the drawing will take place at approximately 1pm CST on a live feed via our Instagram account @throttle_addiction