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About Us

At the Age of 17, Zach Boxx wasn’t satisfied just owning his first motorcycle, he wanted to build it.  He did just that, piecing together a custom hardtail sportster from scratch.  With its completion, a passion for building and customizing motorcycles was born.

Flash forward to 2012, Zach founded Throttle Addiction while working as a Construction Manager for a giant corporate conglomerate.  His idea was to provide one source for cool parts, without having to sift through skull-bedazzled this or leather-tasseled that.  After spending a few years moonlighting until the morning hours and taking phone orders in the bathroom, the company steadily grew to what it is today: your source for quality parts produced by people and companies passionate about building and working on motorcycles.

In 2016, Throttle Addiction relocated to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  We now operates out of a 5500 SF warehouse and is continuing to grow our own product line as well as offer the best brands in the industry.  If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and say hi (and bring beer!).

The Throttle Addiction Difference:

Stellar customer service.  Daily Fulfillment. No Back Orders. Products stocked in our warehouse.


 Throttle Addiction operates out of our warehouse located at 2318 Ridge Rd. Eau Claire, WI 54701.