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1936-1940 Knucklehead XE-35 Flathead Replica Replacement Neck 25 Degree.

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This replacement neck casting is a copy of the 1936-1940 Knucklehead 25 degree forgings used on Big Twin frames.  The casting is 100% made and machined in America from ductile iron.  These were 3D scanned off an original forging and reproduced with proper hallmark (DIF) and forging number ( XE-35)

These have the same measurements and features as the OEM 25 degree necks used on the first generation of knucklehead and Flathead frames.

Use this casting to replace, restore, or build a replica knucklehead frame.



Necks feature the DIF and XE-35 Hallmark numbers in the correct locations.

These are 100% made and machined in the USA.


Note: Ductile iron must be welded with 100% nickel rod or wire, or Brazed.  Do not try welding with standard wire or rod.  This part is designed to be used by professional welders familiar with ductile iron welding procedures.  Failure to do so could result in extreme failure.  




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