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Amal Carburetor 930 MK1 Premier Concentric Carb

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    This new premier concentric carburetor is from Amal of England.  It has vintage styling with modern performance.  It comes with a new stay up float that is puncture resistant and resistant to corrosion from todays modern fuel.  The slides are hard anodized alloy for smoother action, reduced wear with less risk of throttle stick.  The pilot jet is now easily removable and it all comes with a single banjo fitting and a short velocity tube.  Specific to right and left side.


    • 200 main jet
    • 106 needle jet
    • 3.0 slide
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    1. Old School Looks with Modern Upgrades

      Amals can be a real thorn in a Brit Bike owner's side. Slides wear, jets clog, floats sink. The premier concentrics solve a lot of these issues. The slide is anodized to reduce wear. "Stay up" floats are designed to resist the damagaing effects of ethanol based fuels. The pilot jet can be tuned or removed for cleaning, as opposed to the original pilot bushing. The body itself has an improved finish while retaining the original looks. Of course you still have the option of choosing from the vast array of jets, needles and slides to tune your carb to your individual needs. Made in England at the Amal factory. I'm running them on a Norton and a Bonneville, and I'm very pleased. Great price and service from Throttle Addiction. on 16th May 2015

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